Horror on the Orient Express | Episode 5

A diagram of a torture rack


Turns out that having day jobs and relationships and all that bullshit can make getting together to play pretend real goddamn difficult. But here, at VERY long last, is episode 5 of Horror on the Orient Express!

Unfortunately, Matt was unable to reprise his role as Neil during this episode due to the fact that he now lives halfway across the continent. C’est la vie.

Following the thoroughly justified murder committed in the basement of Charenton Asylum, our investigators have traveled to the quaint town of Poissy outside of Paris in search of Comte Fenalik’s former home. There, they meet the Loriens, who seem pleasant enough. But there’s something amiss about the otherwise normal family, and the historical records from the Bibliotheque Nationale were strangely cagey about the contents of Comte Fenalik’s cellar…

The Cast


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