Second Star to the Right | Episode 1

Noctis Labryinthus
Mars’s Noctis Labyrinthus, the home of Noctis-Qianjiao. Source.


Welcome to the first episode of Roll to Dodge’s (hopefully) long-running Eclipse Phase campaign, Second Star to the Right! In this episode, we are introduced to three of the employees of Lockdown, a private security firm run out of the lively city of Noctis-Qianjiao on Mars.

Lockdown, led by the weathered mercenary Old Ronin, has undertaken an egohunting contract—kill the target, seize their cortical stack, and farcast the ego recorded in the stack to the contractee.

But something is a bit unusual about this job. Usually when hypercorps put out a bounty, they don’t give a damn one way or another if the target lives or dies. That’s the beauty of egohunting: you’re only after the ego. But this contract promises to pay an extra 10,000 credits if one Hestia Rand is brought in, morph intact.

Who is Hestia Rand? What did she do to earn the ire of Skinthetic? And why is she more valuable with her morph intact? Find out in this warmup adventure, “All in a Day’s Work”!

The Cast

  • Sarah (@sjhartsfield) as Marynia, laconic Russian combat specialist.
  • Lindsey (@lindsey_noelle) as Amara: Fall evacuee, scavenger, and grump.
  • Wyeth (@wyethleslie) as Titus, heavily-armed Titanian hyperelite pretty boy.


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