Missives from the Word Mines – NaNoWriMo Day 5

Posts this month are going to be on the short end of things. Almost all of my faculties are bent to the savage contest that is National Novel Writing Month. At the moment, I’ve got a Smith and Wesson aimed at my inner editor, and that’s got the bastard quiet. There’s no telling how long that’ll last, or whether my reserves of creative energy will hold up. But I’ll take what I can get while I can get it, god dammit.

At the moment, I’m lagging a bit behind. Not by much, and not without good reason. Wednesday evening was occupied, as my Wednesday evenings typically are, with D&D. I feel like this is part of feeding the beast, as it were.

I talked a bit earlier this year about all the media that I voraciously consumed during my two months of 1K-a-day writing, and I think that’s something that I’m going to need to realign on. I’m pulling a lot out of the creative reservoir, and a similar amount is gonna need to be poured back in. Which means music and podcasts and movies and video games and TV and all that good shit whenever I’m not writing or working or sleeping.

Pornography, as it turns out, only inspires certain types of creativity, none of which are useful for my purposes.

So, in brief? I’ve gotten a few lungfuls of bracing November air and my brain is sparking with the sprint of the first few days of the month. Feeling pretty good so far. Maybe I’ll win, maybe I won’t. But I’m gonna get a shitload of words.

How about all you other NaNos out there? How’s this first week working for you so far?